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泳坛夺金官方网站:Banana Festival

The village of Talofofo is known as “God’s Country,” a place where cascading waterfalls rush through green valleys into rivers that run past caves full of stalagmites and ancient cave drawings.  As the rainy season closes out through the spring and summer months, all of Guam’s villages prepare for each of the annual village festivals. Talofofo shines as it shows off its signature fruit during the Banana Festival. 

The festival, held every year at Ipan Beach Park attracts visitors from all over the island to try the culinary delights. From fried bananas to stewed bananas to banana chips, there’s something new to try at the festival. The hunt for the tasty banana lumpia, or banana egg roll, ends at the Banana Festival. Three of the irresistible treats can be purchased for five dollars. At the heart of this deep fried snack is sweet banana flesh wrapped in a crunchy, crisp lumpia wrapper, which is then covered in a candy glaze of carmelized brown sugar. 

The family-friendly event is perfect for a weekend with a bunch of rambunctious kids eager to let their inner monkeys loose. Children can bounce off the walls in one of the many inflatable bouncing castles set up in the park. Nearby, a gentle-eyed carabao named E’chong nibbles on grass as he waits for the next brave little person to jump into the saddle on his back for a ride.

There is so much food and fun to be enjoyed every year at the Talofofo Banana Festival. 

Fried bananas

Woman at Banana Festival

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